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Well done! You have found — the online home of Beer Night.

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The next scheduled Beer Night:

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About Beer Night

What is Beer Night, you ask? An excellent question. We often exclaim, "Beer Night is all about freedom!" It's about lots of other things, too: hospitality, good fellowship, good beer, learning about the brewing traditions, buffalo wings and homemade salsa (thanks Greg H!) — and of course the famous Blindfold Taste Test.

Can I come to Beer Night, you wonder? If you have to ask, you must never have been invited, which is a shame. Beer Night is all about hospitality, so we hope we'll see you soon.

So why are we being so cryptic? Is this a closed, secret society? Far from it! Nobody knows everyone at Beer Night, but everybody knows someone.

Our watchword:

If you can, bring an interesting beer or two to share. But by all means bring your self.


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