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Though we sometimes hate to admit it, there is more to life than Beer Night. But if you'd like to extend the influence of Beer Night in your life, here are some further resources:

Recommended Books

We will be continuing to expand our "Beer-bliography" of recommended books here, which now includes links in association with


Where do we even begin to build a "beer-bliography"? How about with a handy handbook by Michael Jackson (no, the other one), The Pocket Guide to Beer, 7th ed. (2000).

Keep your finger here (not that finger, Brad!); we'll add more books soon.


Greg H, our Salsa Sultan, recommends the books Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen (1996) and Mexico: One Plate at a Time (2000). Considering how much we love his homemade salsa at Beer Night, perhaps we should listen up.

Interesting Documents

"Every Man His Own Brewer" (online before too long)


Buffalo Joe's

Yes, it's true: you gotta buy official Beer Night wings at the downtown Evanston location.

Chief O'Neill's Pub

Site of one Beer Night so far. Will there be more field trips?

Brouwerij Bavik

Sorry — you're out of luck for info about the sacred site of the origin of the Blindfold Taste Test: both their English and Flemish sites seem to be dead.

General Beer Websites

The Beer Portal: Send a beer postcard, suggests Brad F.

Beer Church: "Because beer is good, and you are worthy."

Beer Quotations

~ Coming Sometime ~

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