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No less than Beer Night leaves its mark on us, we leave our mark on Beer Night — in the official Beer Night Guest Book. Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a scan of the night's guestbook spread. (And don't miss more info for each night on the History page.)

About privacy: Beer Night respects the beer drinker, so we don't ever want your privacy to be violated. That's why we have obscured all last names in these scans. If you're uncomfortable with what little of your signature remains visible here, please let us know. We will make the situation right with all possible dispatch.

Scans appear in reverse chronological order.


Guest Book 21     18 February 2006

Guest Book 20     22 October 2005

Guest Book 19     26 June 2004

Guest Book 18     10 January 2004

     22 June 2002

     20 April 2002

2002.03.23 Guest Book Thumbnail     23 March 2002

     9 February 2002

     15 December 2001

     1 September 2001

     23 June 2001

     10 March 2001

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