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10 Jan 2004



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Photos from Beer Night #18:

Hey! Welcome to Beer Night! (Alternate caption: "Brad F displays his grease-besmeared thumb.")
(Photo: Tom A)


A Wings Professional
It all starts with wings from Buffalo Joe's. Shannon M shows how a professional does it.
(Photo: Tom A)


Taste Test #1
Dave K-Y, Linc A, and Kevin K get ready to enjoy Taste Test #1, once Jon B shuts up. Linc would snag the Hamm's Goblet with a stellar performance.
(Photo: Tom A)


The Calm before the Storm
Brad F puts on a display of outward calm. Note that this is a rare action-photo of the Beer Night Guest Book being signed.
(Photo: Jon B)


Rabbit Ears
Brad F believes he's invented a new joke. Fortunately Max K remains undistracted.
(Photo: Jon B)


Rabbit Ears
derek b dons his X-Ray Specs to see through that pesky blindfold. It worked: he found the singleton.
(Photo: Jon B)


Photo of photo
Tom A contributed many of this evening's photos to Here he is, snaring some photons.
(Photo: Jon B)


Ancient Mickey
And last but not least — actually, both last and least: derek b and Greg H crack open the ancient Mickey's Big Mouth. Greg's ruling: "Oh my, that's bad."
(Photo: Tom A)

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