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Here are the songs, in the order they were played, from Beer Night #17.

Song; Artist; Album
Satellite Sky; Pettis, Pierce; Making Light of It
I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow; Tyminski, Dan, Harley Allen, and Pat Enright (The Soggy Bottom Boys); O Brother, Where Art Thou?
De Camino a La Vereda; Buena Vista Social Club; Buena Vista Social Club
Wonder Woman; Deitrich, Andrew; Music from Doppelgangers!
Cakewalk into Town; Mahal, Taj; The Best of Taj Mahal
One; Cash, Johnny; Solitary Man
Bad Boy; Clapton, Eric; Eric Clapton
I Never Cared for You; Nelson, Willie; Teatro
Jack's Valentine; Over the Rhine; Good Dog Bad Dog
Solar System; Vigilantes of Love; Resplendent: Audibly Live
Winterlong; Young, Neil; Decade
Loved and Forgiven; Lost Dogs; Gift Horse
When You Give It Away; Cockburn, Bruce; Breakfast in New Orleans, Dinner in Timbuktu
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me; Jayhawks; Smile
Percolator; Randolph, Boots;
In the Summertime; Dylan, Bob; Shot of Love
Members Only; Crow, Sheryl; The Globe Sessions
The Mountains Win Again; Blues Traveler; Four
Genuine; Seventy Sevens; Golden Field of Radioactive Crows
Take On Me; Ah Ha;
Down There by the Train; Cash, Johnny; American Recordings
Certain Slant of Light; Vigilantes of Love; Blister Soul
Build a Levee; Merchant, Natalie; Motherland
Waiting in Vain; Marley, Bob, and the Wailers; Exodus
Nothing Is Bothering Me; Heard, Mark; Victims of the Age
Numb; U2; Zooropa
What's on My Mind; Kansas; Leftoverture
Cachaito in Laboratory; López, Orlando Cachaito; Cachaito
Heart of Mine; Dylan, Bob; Shot of Love
Cold Ground (Live); Vigilantes of Love; Killing Floor
Liquid; Jars of Clay; Jars of Clay
Passing By; Cray, Robert; Shame and a Sin
Anniversary Song; Cowboy Junkies; Pale Sun, Crescent Moon
Don't Let Me Breathe; Hudson Assembly; EP
I Lost It; Williams, Lucinda; Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
Freedom Train; Kravitz, Lenny; Let Love Rule
(What's Come) Over Me; Daniel Amos; Motor Cycle
Windfall; Son Volt; Trace
Star Spangled Banner (live); Hendrix, Jimi; The Ultimate Experience
Little White Lies; Leverett, Mo; If You Know What I Mean
Ohio; Young, Neil; Decade
Paralyzed; Vigilantes of Love; To the Roof of the Sky
Moral Kiosk; R.E.M.; Murmur
The Ballad of Russell Perry; Vigilantes of Love; Live at the 40 Watt
Cowboy; Hollingshead, Tom; Maxel Toft 40 (Ronald Reagan)
Tear My Stillhouse Down; Welch, Gillian; Revival
Lonesome Day Blues; Dylan, Bob; Love and Theft
Numb; Portishead; Dummy
Do You Feel Loved; U2; Pop
Everyday I Write the Book (Live); Costello, Elvis; Punch the Clock
Will the Wolf Survive?; Los Lobos; How Will the Wolf Survive?
Salamander; Choir; Free Flying Soul
Candy Shop; Bird, Andrew (Bowl of Fire); Oh! The Grandeur
Black or White; Jackson, Michael; Black or White (CD Single)
Every Ghetto, Every City; Hill, Lauryn; Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Jonah's Song; Heard, Mark; Appalachian Melody
Oh the Warm Feeling; Morrison, Van; No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
Love Loves You Too; Cockburn, Bruce; Dart to the Heart
Do It for Love; Seventy Sevens; Sticks and Stones
Mean Eyed Cat; Cash, Johnny; Unchained
Summer Days; Dylan, Bob; Love and Theft
Don't Drop the Baby; Judybats; Native Son


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