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Here are the songs that were in the random mix at Beer Night #15. (Unfortunately the order got lost; next time we'll have it.)

Artist; Album; Song
Cray, Robert; Shame and a Sin; 1040 Blues
Crow, Sheryl; Tuesday Night Music Club; All I Wanna Do
Daniel Amos; Motor Cycle; Buffalo Hills
Deitrich, Andrew; Music from Doppelgangers!; Wonder Woman
Derek and the Dominoes; Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (Disc 1); Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out
Dire Straits; Money for Nothing; Money for Nothing
Dylan, Bob; Blonde on Blonde; Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
Dylan, Bob; Greatest Hits, Vol. II (Disc 2 of 2); The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)
Dylan, Bob; Love and Theft; Bye and Bye
Dylan, Bob; Oh Mercy; Everything Is Broken
Dylan, Bob; Slow Train Coming; Gonna Change My Way of Thinking
Gabriel, Peter; So; Big Time
Holmes Brothers; Speaking in Tongues; Thank You Jesus
Hudson Assembly; EP; You Caught Me Breathing
Hudson Assembly; EP; Where We Beg
Jayhawks; Smile; Pretty Thing
Led Zeppelin; Bundle of Sticks; Misty Mountain Hop
Lost Dogs; Green Room Serenade, Part One; Close but No Cigar
Lost Dogs; Green Room Serenade, Part One; Breathe Deep (the Breath of God) 1996
Marley, Bob, and the Wailers; Exodus; Jamming
Masen, Sarah; Sarah Masen; All Fall Down
Merchant, Natalie; Ophelia; Kind & Generous
Merchant, Natalie; Tigerlily; Where I Go
Moby; Play; Rushing
Morrison, Van; Avalon Sunset; Whenever God Shines His Light
Nelson, Willie; Teatro; These Lonely Nights
Odetta; All That Blues; Weeping Willow Blues
Parsons, Alan, Project; I Robot; I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You
Peterson, Lucky; I'm Ready; I'm Ready
Pettis, Pierce; Everything Matters; Neutral Ground
Pettis, Pierce; Making Light of It; My Life of Crime
Phair, Liz; whitechocolatespaceegg; What Makes You Happy
Police; Message in a Box (Disc 2); Canary in a Coalmine
Police; Message in a Box (Disc 2); De Do Do D, De Da Da Da
Police; Message in a Box (Disc 3); Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Police; Message in a Box (Disc 3); Hungry for You (J'Aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)
Queen; Wayne's World; Bohemian Rhapsody
Seventy Sevens; Golden Field of Radioactive Crows; Related
Seventy Sevens; Sticks and Stones; Nowhere Else
Seventy Sevens; Sticks and Stones; Perfect Blues
Son Volt; Wide Swing Tremolo; Strands
Son Volt; Wide Swing Tremolo; Right on through
Sting; Brand New Day; A Thousand Years
Sting; Brand New Day; Perfect Love…Gone Wrong
Talking Heads; Little Creatures; Stay Up Late
U2; Achtung Baby; The Fly
U2; All That You Can't Leave Behind; Beautiful Day
U2; The Joshua Tree; I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Vigilantes of Love; 'Cross the Big Pond; In the Box
Vigilantes of Love; Live at the 40 Watt; Doin' Time
Vigilantes of Love; Live at the 40 Watt; Double Cure
Vigilantes of Love; Slow Dark Train; Love Cocoon
Vigilantes of Love; To the Roof of the Sky; (Please) Leave Me the Bones
Waters, Muddy; Hard Again; Deep Down in Florida
Welch, Gillian; Revival; One More Dollar
Williams, Lucinda; Car Wheels on a Gravel Road; Still I Long for Your Kiss
Wright, Gary; Wayne's World; Dream Weaver
Mission Impossible Theme


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